• (2/2) The ban is due to predicted heavy snow & gusty winds and will last until 7pm ET 2/13. Affects ONLY Portage (MP 24) thru Angola (MP 144

  • (1/2) Effective at 7pm ET Feb. 12, all triples, long-doubles, high-profile oversize permit loads & steel haulers will be banned from the ITR

  • All lanes have been reopened at MP 155 after morning tractor-trailer accident.

  • Both westbound lanes are currently blocked at MP 155.6 - this is right near the Ohio line. Two tractor-trailers... fb.me/FZ2fNuDg

  • The winter weather ban for triples, long-doubles and high-profile permit loads will EXPIRE at 5pm ET today 2/10/16.

doing_business with_itrDoing Business With Us

ITRCC regularly publishes planned purchases, including projects, contracts and services along the Indiana Toll Road.

Road improvementsRoad Construction

The Indiana Toll Road has many road improvement projects scheduled for 2014-15.These projects are all designed to improve the quality of driving on the Indiana Toll Road. Please click above to learn of traffic restrictions you may encounter during your travels.

toll_rate _trip_calculator&pay_unpaid_toll

Toll Rate Trip Calculator

Want to know how much you may pay in tolls on the Indiana Toll Road? The toll rate trip calculator allows customers to select entry and exit points on the ITR and calculates your tolls based on your number of vehicle axles.

Remember, 2-axle E-ZPass users pay discounted tolls and may save up to 75% by driving electronically!

Pay Unpaid Toll

Did you accidentally drive through a toll plaza without paying, or pay the incorrect amount? Be sure to make note of the date/time, and your location by identifying the toll plaza name or number of the nearest milepost.

Please click this box to make a missed payment online. If you experience problems in processing an online payment, you also have the option of mailing your payment.

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