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Full and complete responses to all of the requested information will assist in the investigation and processing of your potential claim.  Failure to provide all of the requested information may delay or adversely affect the investigation and processing of your potential claim.

***Claim form must be submitted within 14 days of incident to be considered ***

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Describe, in detail, how the incident occurred, including whether the incident was road-related; a collision with a barrier; a collision between two or more vehicles; an incident involving a toll gate or some other type of incident:

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To expedite processing, please include the following documentation in support of your claim:

Two competitive estimates from licensed repair facilities

Photographs reflecting damage to your property

Police Report—if available

Proof of Toll Road Travel (receipt or copy of transponder statement)

Please read and understand the following Certification before signing this form

I state that my answer on this form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that submitting this form does not indicate that ITR Concession Company has accepted responsibility for this matter, and that responsibility will be determined after further investigation and analysis of the facts and circumstances relating to the incident. I further understand and agree that I am providing the requested information voluntarily in order to assist the ITR Concession Company to investigate the incident, and that, by completing the claims form, I hereby grant my permission to the ITR Concession Company to the information contained herein and that this form and any additional information may be sent to ITR Concession Company’s insurer or others investigating the incident

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To obtain an Incident Investigation/Claim Form, click the link below, or stop in at the ITR Concession Company office. Incident Investigation/ Claim Form Opens a 19 Kb document