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  • For patrons afflicted by an upper limb disability that would impact their ability to retrieve a ticket or pay cash at a toll booth, please click here for more information.


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*Please remember, incorrect toll charges or violations due to improper E-ZPass transponder installation can not be disputed


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Wind and Weather Ban Information

Occasionally, long-doubles, triples, high-profile oversize permit loads and steel haulers are temporarily banned for travel due to high winds and winter weather. If you are a commercial driver and would like to be added to our Wind and Winter Weather Ban contact list, please click the link.


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Members of the press, advertising, donations, government

E-ZPass Customer Care Center

52551 Ash Road Granger IN 46530
(574) 651-6233
(574) 675-4010

Our Walk in Customer Care Center location is now open.

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM EST – 5:00 PM EST

We are located on the Indiana Toll Road at mile post 87 in the east bound direction.

Feel free to contact us via the phone at

(574) 675-4010 or order your E-ZPass online by clicking here.

Customer Comments

Judy T.: On February 21st, I got a call that my daughter was in labor and to come to Cleveland right away. Her sister, my son-in-law and I headed to Cleveland in simply horrible weather. The streets in Goshen, IN were a sheet of ice. We were amazed that the Toll Road was in wonderful condition, all the way to Cleveland. We didn.t make it before the baby was born but we were so happy to have such a pleasant trip going there and returning the next day. Using the E-ZPass made it that much better.

Thanks so very, very much.

Sarah S.: She stated how nice it was to have the E-ZPass while traveling. This is her first experience and it made her trip so much more efficient. She didn’t have to wait in long lines or anything. The E-ZPass line just moved quickly on through.

“Thanks for offering the $10 promotion,” she said. “I am a graduate student and I never could have afforded the $50 one!”

Kay S.: They took their first trip last week using the E-ZPass. Fantastic service that cut 45 minutes off the trip through the Illinois Tollway!

Thank you!

George R.: He says he likes the way the E-ZPass works. “It.s really nice!!”

Jessie E.: “I love the convenience!”

Mary B.: Customer service is excellent. THANK you so much for attaching my statement . I will request this each month if I continue to have this problem. …I love having the E-ZPass for my trips.

Dennis M.: He called stating that he loves his E-ZPass, and he really appreciated the great service he received when he called the Customer Care Center on July 2, 2008.

Sharron S.: She stated that she feels ITRCC is doing a great job. She loves her E-ZPass and stated her experience on the toll road has been much better since she opened her account.

Susan O.: Says she is so pleased, and she loves the way it works.

“It.s so much easier … Cool beans!”

Stephen I.: He says that his E-ZPass works perfectly and he loves the service.

Kenneth and Joy S.: They say they love the E-ZPass . it is such a blessing not to have to wait in lines.

He is very happy with the service! Went to New York and spent $8 on the George Washington Bridge, walla!

Gary F.: “E-ZPass has been the best thing that has happened on the toll road. I have used it more in the past six months than I have in 27 previous years.”

Jerome E.: “We used the E-ZPass on our trip to and from Virginia (we are in Minnesota), and the device performed flawlessly.”

Marvin B.: Says he really loves the E-ZPass. It works great!

Daniel E.: Says he really likes the E-ZPass, (it.s better than sliced toast!!)

Jeffrey N.: “I received the new pin number, and it worked! Thanks for the quick help.

P.S. I love my E-ZPass!!!! What a great invention!!!! It makes it fun to use the Toll Road!”

James C.: He says he really likes the way the E-ZPass works . especially through Chicago.

Michael D.: He says he enjoys the system and that the convenience is wonderful. He said he should have gotten it years ago when Illinois first set up the system.

No matter where he goes, he keeps the tag in his windshield so he can just drive through and not worry about doing anything else.

Steven L.: He called to check on his account balance and said “I have to say, I absolutely love my E-ZPass. It is great!”

Jim G.: He said that we have the best system in the world!

Brenda H.: She said she loves her E-ZPass and the way it works. Also she said the Toll Road conditions were just great this winter.

She always is treated nicely when she calls for customer care. Said she is a postmaster and is aware of what good customer service should be.

Nelson S.: Says he really likes the E-ZPass . likes the way it works!!

JoAnn M.: “Thank you for such a quick and thorough response. I love my E-ZPass! I will try to access my account with the new PIN that I have received. Thanks, again. You are the best!”

Shelly C.: “Thank you for the prompt reply; your suggestion worked fine!

I just want to tell you again how happy we are with our E-ZPass. Even more so now that it works along the entire Toll Road.

We continue to tell friends about the ease and convenience. Plus, the customer support is always wonderful.

Thank you again and have a wonderful week!!”

Robert L.: “I love my E-ZPass!”