Indiana State Police – Toll Road District

The Indiana State Police post is located off of exit 96 (Elkhart East toll plaza). If you are in need of a State Trooper, contact any toll attendant, Travel Plaza vendor or dial 911 from your cellular phone.

Winter Weather Information

During the winter months (November to April), road and weather information for the entire Indiana Toll Road can be obtained by calling our weather recorder line (574) 674-8836.

Occasionally long doubles, triples and steel haulers are temporarily banned for travel due to high winds and winter weather. To be added to our Wind and Winter Weather Ban contact list, please visit and input contact information on the form at the bottom of the page.

Disabled Vehicles

Travelers who experience vehicle problems or other emergencies should:

  1. Signal changing of lanes and pull off of the roadway, onto the shoulder.
  2. Turn on your flashing hazard lights and raise your hood to signal distress.
  3. Remain in your vehicle if you cannot quickly fix the problem.
  4. If you have a cellular telephone, dial 911 for assistance.

Do not attempt to walk, hitchhike or stop other vehicles for help. A State Trooper or Toll Road employee will observe your distress signal and stop. These units will radio the ITR Radio/Control Center, which can notify the appropriate personnel to dispatch an off-road towing service to assist you. Motor club service is available along most portions of the Indiana Toll Road upon request. For your protection there is a 2-hour limit on all disabled vehicles.

Abandoned vehicles will be towed off of the Indiana Toll Road for protective custody.

Lost & Found

If you lose any property while traveling on the Indiana Toll Road, call ITR Customer Service at (574) 675-4010.