In 1951, the Indiana General Assembly passed legislation creating the Indiana Toll Road Commission. Construction was completed and the Toll Road opened to traffic in late 1956. In 1985, subsequent legislation authorized the Toll Finance Authority to enter into contracts or leases with the Department of Highways for the operation of all toll road and toll bridge projects. In 2006, the Indiana General Assembly authorized ITRCC to take control of the Indiana Toll Road.

As it is structured today, the Indiana Toll Road is operated and maintained by ITR Concession Company LLC. The ITRCC Administration Office is located in Granger, Ind. The staff at ITRCC is responsible for construction, maintenance, repair and operation of the Indiana Toll Road (I-80/90) projects within Indiana. It is charged with formulating, developing and recommending a continuing long-range toll road plan and short-term improvement programs. ITRCC is also responsible for communicating planning information to the public, interested agencies and organizations.

The Indiana Toll Road is operated 24 hours per day, year-round. Roadway Maintenance units continuously patrol and are in radio contact with the Toll Road’s Radio/Control Center to provide assistance to travelers.

* Please note – any toll rate transaction on the road (i.e. receipts, E-ZPass account logs, etc.) are logged in Central Standard Time along the entire length of the road.

About the ITR:

  • 157 miles in length
  • Divided into two sections:
    • The Western section, along the line between Indiana and Illinois: 23 miles under a barrier system.
    • The Eastern section along the line between Indiana and Ohio: 134 miles under a ticket system.
  • 143.7 miles are 2+2 and 13 miles are 3+3
  • 734.6 lane miles
  • Electronic tolling collection was implemented along the entire road in April 2008
  • Payment methods accepted: Cash, credit card, electronic tolling

Mile Markers

Mile markers are placed at one-mile intervals along the Toll Road, beginning at Mile Marker 0 at the western terminus (Illinois line) and increasing to Mile Marker 157 at the eastern terminus (Ohio line). These also correspond to exit numbers and Travel Plaza locations.

Americans with Disabilities Act

For patrons afflicted by an upper limb disability that would impact their ability to retrieve a ticket or pay cash at a toll booth, please call the Indiana Toll Road E-ZPass Customer Service Center at (574) 675-4010 to inquire about an E-ZPass account in which the initial $10 deposit and fees shall be waived. Although fees are waived, the customer will still be required to pay tolls.

NOTE: Documentation from a licensed physician is required to verify the disability. We will not accept a Physician Assistant’s signature. If caller is a veteran, he or she may provide a statement from the Veterans Administration instead, as long as it indicates a permanent and severe upper limb mobility or dexterity impairment that substantially impairs the ability to reach outside of a vehicle window.

The patron only qualifies for this option if he or she operates a vehicle specially equipped for use by the disabled, and has a severe and permanent upper limb mobility or dexterity impairment that substantially impairs the person’s ability to reach outside the vehicle.

County Information

Lake County (Mile Marker 1 to 18)

Welcome to Lake County! We have thousands of hotel rooms to fit your needs, four lakefront casinos for Las Vegas style entertainment and action and plenty of family-friendly attractions and activities. Don’t miss our world-class attractions like the Shrine of Christ’s Passion, Albanese Confectionery, Railcats Baseball or the new Bellaboo’s Children’s Play and Discovery Center. And if you visit during the summer months, be sure to visit the beautiful beaches of Lake Michigan or Indiana’s premiere waterpark: Deep River.

Lake County also boasts more restaurants per capita than any other community in the nation, numerous shopping centers and quaint historic downtowns.

Porter County Information (Mile Marker 18 to 38)

Welcome to the Casual Coast, where the fun begins at the Indiana Dunes, along Lake Michigan’s southern shore! Travel inland for quaint lodging, abundant recreation, diverse ecology, thriving arts & culture, quality entertainment, eclectic dining, unique shopping and the best fests in the Midwest! So, relax, get casual and join us for business or pleasure. You’re always welcome!

LaPorte County Information (Mile Marker 38 to 61)

Welcome to LaPorte County, which includes Michigan City and LaPorte; home of Blue Chip Casino and Lighthouse Premium Outlet Mall. Unique lodging, abundant recreation, diverse ecology, thriving arts & culture, quality entertainment, eclectic dining, unique shopping and the best fests in the Midwest! So, relax, get cozy and join us for business or pleasure. You’re always welcome!

St. Joseph County Information (Mile Marker 61 to 85)

Welcome to South Bend, home to the University of Notre Dame & four other colleges, Studebaker National Museum, and the second largest retail corridor in Indiana – Mishawaka’s Grape Road & Main Street. Comfortably nestled along the meandering banks of the St. Joseph River, South Bend/Mishawaka is a beautiful community with rich history and a wealth of cultural, spiritual, recreational, sporting and entertainment opportunities.

World-class restaurants, attractions and fun activities for the entire family are sure to make your South Bend/Mishawaka experience memorable and enjoyable. We have a wide variety of hotels and places to stay. Explore our outdoor and recreational activities, museums, gardens and unique festivals and events.

Elkhart County Information (Mile Marker 85 to 107)

Elkhart County was one of the first areas settled in Northern Indiana. In 1830, the county held its first election. At that time, 75 votes were cast by citizens of the county and its surrounding territory. These voters elected eight people who served as the only county employees.

Since that time, Elkhart County has grown to almost 169,000 citizens. Elkhart County is located in Northern Indiana, 150 miles north/northeast of Indianapolis, 100 miles east of Chicago and 50 miles northwest of Fort Wayne. The city of Goshen serves as the county seat. Other incorporated cities and towns within Elkhart County are Elkhart, Bristol, Middlebury, Millersburg, Nappanee and Wakarusa.

LaGrange County Information (Mile Marker 107 to 130)

Old-fashioned rural character lives in harmony with progress and growth in LaGrange County. In fact, “La Grange” is French for “The Farm,” a place where old and new ideas tend to meet. Located in northeastern Indiana, LaGrange County is home to the third-largest Amish community in the United States. Approximately 43 percent of the county’s population is Amish.

Residents and visitors enjoy the idyllic farmland, 67 lakes and tree-shaded neighborhoods scattered throughout the county. The county is made up of 11 small towns and unincorporated villages with populations ranging from 525 to 3,000 citizens.

LaGrange County is in Northern Indiana, 150 miles north/northeast of Indianapolis, 120 miles east of Chicago and 30 miles northwest of Fort Wayne.

LaGrange, located in the heart of the county, is the county seat. It is also home to some of the county’s architectural jewels including the county courthouse, completed in 1879, and the city’s Carnegie Library, built in 1919. Other incorporated towns include Shipshewana, Topeka, and Wolcottville.

Steuben County Information (Mile Marker 130 to 156)

With 101 lakes, a beautiful state park with Indiana’s only toboggan slide, a buffalo preserve, an award-winning winery, plus great shopping, dining and golf, Steuben County is a popular year-round family-friendly destination.

Toll Road On- and Off Ramps

The Indiana Toll Road has 21 on- and off ramps for you to choose from. Click the map link below to see all the entrance and exits.


On and off ramp locations

Overnight Accommodations

Lodging and campground facilities are available near most exits. There are no facilities for overnight parking of travel-trailers located directly on the Indiana Toll Road. Complimentary reservation telephones are available inside the Travel Plazas at Milepost 56 eastbound and westbound, as well as at Milepost 126 westbound.

Specific service signs/Specific service attraction signs

The blue service/attraction signs located on the Indiana Toll Road are maintained through the Indiana Logo Sign company in partnership with the State of Indiana. These blue signs serve several purposes: A specific service attraction sign displays business logos, including tourist attractions such as parks, business district/main street, education center, golf course, historical site, museum, religious site, resort/ski area/marina, U-pick/orchard/farmers’ market, winery, or botanical/zoological facility. A specific service sign also displays business logos, but includes information for businesses that provide gas, food, lodging and camping. For more information on adding your business to either a specific service attraction sign or a specific service sign on the Indiana Toll Road, please visit, or call 800-288-5646.